Covid-19 Announcement

We are taking your and our health very seriously.  We continue to meet with clients as they wish.  We have invested in video technology to be able to do “face to face” from ANY PLACE.  We see this as an opportunity to expand our services to the entire State of Arkansas.  If you are considering Estate Planning or needing Long Term Care advice anywhere in Arkansas, we are here for you.  Want to make an appointment?  

Aging has its challenges.  We know that you have questions and concerns that most likely keep you up at night.  

– “Will I lose  everything if I get sick and need care?”
– “Who will take care of my affairs when if I can’t make decisions?”
– “How can I pass my stuff to my kids without going through probate?”
– “Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars to stay out of Probate?”
– “Is it a good idea to give my house to my kids now or wait until later (or never)?”

– “I lose sleep due to worry about the future.”


You have questions and we have answers.  With over 20 years of experience and over 10,000 client meetings, we can  help  you with Estate Planning, Pre-Planning for long term care, Crisis planning for Long Term care and avoiding the two courts you need to avoid: Guardianship and Probate.  Sign up for our newsletter and you will get the latest up-to-date information.  “

Todd Whatley, PA

Todd started his career as a Physical Therapist working in nursing homes and home health for 13 years, which lead to his desire to focus on elder law as an attorney. He graduated from the Bowen school of law in 1998. He has been in private practice since 1999 and focused on elder law since 2000. He became Arkansas’ second Certified Elder Law Attorney in 2006. Todd is past President of the National Elder Law Foundation, the certifying organization for Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. Todd is now a licensed insurance agent in addition to attorney and works with attorneys and licensed agents nationally to provide the most up to date financial services to clients.

Todd is back in practice in Northwest Arkansas and would love to work with you and your family. Call 479-601-4119, email  or click here to schedule online for a free initial visit.


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