For Advisors

The advisors in our professional network know that they need an elder law attorney on their team. An elder law attorney understands both what their clients are going through and the nuances of the professional’s own relationship with those clients. Let us share just a few of the insights we can bring to the table when we work one-on-one with you, as well as when you bring us in as part of the team.

We are able to work with you on a specific client, with that clients written consent. You may contact our office to set up a meeting to discuss what your client may need. From there, we can meet with you and your client to discuss solutions for their issues.

We have heard that too. Our goal is to keep your accounts with you. We will discuss together if there are strategies that could best protect the wealth of your clients, and then, when they are protected, return that wealth to you.
An elder law attorney is an attorney with unique knowledge of the concerns surrounding the aging process. It is a relatively young form of law that can help seniors avoid losing all of their hard earned savings to the high cost of monthly long-term care. We encourage you to call us at NUMBER to schedule a meeting with attorney Todd Whatley to learn more about how an elder law attorney could support you in reaching your business goals and helping your clients.
Yes. While there are services that cross between the two types of law, an elder law attorney is uniquely positioned to under the challenges surrounding the aging process. Even when your clients currently are working with an estate planning attorney, an elder law attorney can step an add additional expertise to the issues surrounding the aging process that your clients may be currently dealing with, or can be expected to manage in the future.

We understand that. The first question to ask is: What would happen to my clients if one of them suddenly needed care outside the house of well over $10,000 per month? Could your client easily absorb that cost? How long would your client be able to afford it? Would his or her family be left unprotected? What advice would you be able to give. The unfortunate reality is the longer we are alive, the more concerns like this can arise. In fact, research tells us over 70% of all Americans turning age of 65 are expected to need some form of long-term care in the future. One of the best steps you can take to protect your clients is to ensure they are planning forward for issues like these.

We know that you may have questions. We encourage you to contact us. Know that you are in good hands when you come to our law practice. After all, attorney Todd Whatley became Arkansas’ second Certified Elder Law Attorney in 2006. He is the immediate past President of the National Elder Law Foundation, which is the certifying organization for Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He will be able to work with you and find the solutions that best meet your needs.