For Healthcare Professionals

The health care professionals we work with know their patients and residents need help. They know, from personal experience, just how devastating the impact of addressing long-term needs can be on a person, let alone a family. They know that many of those they are working with are enduring a prolonged illness with few resources, little support, and were ill-equipped to navigate the journey. Let us share with you how we may help.

Our goal is to make the aging process a little bit easier. We help our clients each and every day first understand what long-term care is and the reality of their situation. We also help them understand how to find the care they need and, ultimately, marshall the resources to pay for it. When asked, we can work with the entire family as well as attend case coordination meetings.

Elder law attorneys are uniquely trained to be able to provide the legal support surrounding long-term care needs. Although it is a relatively young form of law, we know what it means to support the senior in navigating all the facets of long-term care. We support them with strategies, support, and personalized guidance to ensure they have what they need at all times.
No. Medicaid is a strategy that we may work with an Arkansas senior on, but it is not the full extent of what we do. For example, we can help a senior identify resources to pay privately for care, help them stay at home longer when it is safe, discuss alternatives with family members, and even locate monies from the Department of Veterans Affairs if he or she has a qualifying service record. We encourage you to call us at NUMBER to schedule a meeting with attorney Todd Whatley to learn more about how we may help.

A fair hearing is a process under the Medicaid Department to hear issues related to Medicaid applications. There are many reasons why a fair hearing may be necessary. For all of them, the experience of an elder law attorney can help you reach the outcome you want. We encourage you to call us at 479-601-4119 to schedule a meeting with attorney Todd Whatley to learn more about how we may help.

We know that you may have questions. We encourage you to contact us. Know that you are in good hands when you come to our law practice.  After all, attorney Todd Whatley became Arkansas’ second Certified Elder Law Attorney in 2006. He is the immediate past President of the National Elder Law Foundation, which is the certifying organization for Certified Elder Law Attorneys nationally. He will be able to work with you and find the solutions that best meet your needs.